iCloud DNS Bypass 2019 for Locked iPhone or iPad - iOS 11 - iOS 13, iPhone 6 - XS Max

iCloud locked iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is really annoying. You know that we can’t do anything when the iDevice is locked down with iCloud Lock. In most times, when someone buying a used iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, it is locked with a previous owner’s iCloud account. Or did you forget your own iCloud login details? Don’t want to give up your iDevice? Then you are in the best place to bypass iCloud activation lock on any iOS running any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device.

I’m sure you have tried a lot of ways to unlock your iOS device. Maybe you have contacted Apple customer service. But did their solutions helped you? Could you answer their questions and prove you are the legal owner? Either you did, they also ask for your bought receipt of iDevice. Not only that method but also you may have tried various paid services. Most of the paid services just scam you and steal your pocket. So those are very unnecessary methods. Why do you follow those hard ways while you have some simple solutions to Unlock iCloud Account? Also, these methods are absolutely free.

You have several methods to try in order to Bypass/Unlock/Remove iCloud Lock for free.

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  • Bypass iCloud Activation Lock With DoulCi Activator iOS 12 - iOS 13, iPhone 6 - XS Max

  • iCloud Bypass with DNS Method? What is iCloud DNS Bypass?

    Before going to iCloud DNS Bypass guide, you should have at least a little idea about what is iCloud DNS Bypass and how this happens? Just know the procedure in brief. When you use an iPhone or any other Apple device, an activation request is being sent to the Apple servers checking the status of the Apple device. This is a security step of Apple to authenticate the real Apple iDevice user. If the iDevice has enabled the Find My iPhone feature, then the Apple iDevice will ask the user to enter the iCloud account details in order to sign in.

    DoulCi Activator 2019

    The problem comes now. As mentioned above if you have bought a second-hand iDevice and the previous owner did not submit you the iCloud login details, then you are stuck. Or maybe you have forgotten your iCloud Apple ID or passcode. Everyone makes mistakes. So forgetting the iCloud Account details is a simple situation many people face but this mistake does very bad effects, however.

    To help you in this situation, the iCloud DNS Bypass will definitely help you. The process happens in this method can be explained for you simply. Your details to Apple server is sent by DNS converted to an IP address. In this case changes the DNS, IP addresses and send an iCloud Bypass DNS, IP address to the Apple server. Then the Apple servers will authenticate your iOS device.

    In here, you must change the IP server data through the Wi-Fi settings on your locked iDevice. Don’t worry; you can change the Wi-Fi settings while the iDevice is locked. After the bypass process complete, you will be able to use the iDevice for several works. Something is better than nothing? No?

    iCloud DNS Bypass 2019

    How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock with DNS method 2019 – iOS 11 – iOS 13

    See? This is a simple method. But you have to follow these instructions very carefully if you want to achieve a successful bypass for your iDevice. So you are going to try this method. Don’t forget to have the sim card installed on your iOS device.Don’t Worry! This is not rocket science. Just follow the steps.

  • Step 01: In the iCloud Lock screen, select your country and your language to start.
  • Step 02: in the new Wi-Fi connection page you can see the “I” button near the Wi-Fi network name. Then press the “Home Button” and select “More Wi-Fi Settings” option.
  • Step 03: Make sure you have not connected to Wi-Fi. If you have, just select the “Forget This Network” option.
  • Step 04: Again press the “i” button. Now you will see the page which allows users to change DNS address. In here, select the IP address according to your location and enter it in the DNS box.

  • IP Addresses for DNS Bypass Server:

  • America:
  • Asia:
  • Europe:
  • South America:
  • Any Other location:

  • Step 05: Go back. Select the Wi-Fi network and enter the Wi-Fi password. Then your iDevice will start the next setting up process. Now press back again.
  • Step 06: Ok. You are all set now. You can use some limited features of your iDevice like Camera, Apps, Games, Music and some more.

  • Now you have successfully bypassed your iCloud lock through the DNS method 2019. But keep in mind that this method will only let you use some limited options. If you want to completely remove the iCloud lock on your iDevice, follow your other tutorials to Remove iCloud Lock completely and permanently.

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